Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Scarlet't Birthday! oh yeah, and Travis & Verelle's 1 year anniversary

So, last year Travis and Verelle got married. The date that they had picked happened to be Scarlet's Birthday. Scarlet very politely put the wedding ahead of her birthday and did not celebrate it. Team Kettle has felt very indebted to Scarlet for her roll in the wedding and have been very great full to her for sacrificing for the team. 

Therefore, the decision was made to delay celebrating the anniversary of the wedding and to make Scarlet's birthday the concentration of the day. Travis and Verelle started the day by taking Scarlet to Water Works Park in Redding California. 

After Water Works Park the crew went and ate at the In & Out Burger joint and made the drive back to Ashland where they went out to Thai Pepper for dinner with Travis's work crew. After the very tasty dinner the threesome, and a few new recruits continued the fun at Standing Stone. With the night progression being fairly typical the group then ended up at the Hong Kong for Mojito's! The group and severally shrank, but the enthusiasm had not. But, all good things must come to and end, and eventually the group had to split up and go to their respective homes. Despite the evening being complete a good time had been had by all and all had a good time!

Happy Birthday Scarlet! Oh yeah, and happy anniversary Travis & Verelle.

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