Monday, August 11, 2008

Bend, Greg & Heidi's Wedding, and Cascade Classic Bike Race

Since Travis and Verelle had taken Scarlet out for her birthday instead of celebrating their anniversary, they now had to decide what to do to celebrate the fact that their marriage had lasted a whole year. Wow! 

Idea's were not lacking, but the decision was made to celebrate the successful first year in Bend. The decision was made because Verelle was photographing the wedding of Greg and Heidi Wacker. And Travis and Verelle believe that you CAN mix business with pleasure. The Mill Inn Bed and Breakfast was booked and the fun was to begin. 

Travis later found out that Levi Leipheimer was going to be racing in the Cascade Classic Bike race, scheduled to take place while the happy couple were in Bend. The anniversary trip would be spent much the same way that the honeymoon was (i.e. Travis worrying about men in lycra shorts and Verelle reading!). Despite this fact the weekend was not a loss. 
The wedding was a blast with the Moon Mountain Ramblers, a bluegrass/folk band, playing into the wee hours of the night.

Travis managed to take Verelle out to a nice restaurant every night, do some shopping with her, and even enjoy a nightcap bag of Kettle Chips next to Mirror Pond in downtown Bend. 
And, Verelle managed to allow Travis to watch some bike racing. 

Bend is one of the many gems of Oregon. It is abundant with hiking, biking, paddling, and skiing opportunities. Bend is also home to Deschutes Brewery, Bend Brewing Company, McMenamins, Silver Moon Brewing Company, and Cascade Lakes Brewing Company, all of which brew up a mighty fine drink. Most of them even have restaurants to accompany them, with local fare. For beer outdoor enthusiasts, beer lovers, and even foodies, this town is heaven!

Happy Anniversary!

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