Friday, July 27, 2007

Team Kettle spreads out a little

With it being mid-summer and all, I'm now long overdue to return to summer work. This is my 5th season as a professional river guide for OARS-Dories in Lewiston, Idaho. I work as a pretty full-service guide on the Salmon and Snake rivers in northern Idaho. Often, Summer work is the most enjoyable time of the year. I work with great people in beautiful places and get to make people relax. Then I get money for going on other people's vacations!

I'm getting a late start this year, but I'm here. I spent all of Thursday, the 26th on the road making the trip up this way in the All-trac (which really needs new spark plugs, as I realized around mile 260). With a bit of a stop in Corvallis, rush-hour traffic in Portland, and some wide open highways at night in eastern Washington, I added 700 miles to the odometer over the course of 14 hours. I rolled into the boathouse in Lewiston at 11 pm when everyone was asleep. I promptly laid down my bedroll and passed out.

My first trip will be a five-day Hell's Canyon trip on the Snake River. We pack today, drive this afternoon to the put-in, and launch on Saturday. I'm excited to get back on the oars for a change. I suppose that's my only option now that my kayak paddle drifted off to the ocean!

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