Tuesday, October 16, 2007


This is how we burn off all the potato chips we eat!

Dan's ancient Bianchi that he is in love with!

Verelle's rides a Cannondale!

Travis's Cervelo that is wicked awesome!

There is a new bike in the picture now. I recently inhairited my Dad's old 10 speed Nashiki that he bought before moving to Oregon in Kansas City Mo. Which make the bike about 35 years old. I striped all the components off the bike, flipped the handle bars upside down and cut them in down, and put the brakes back on. What I am left with is a single speed commuter bike that has orange handlebar tap.

1 comment:

Dan Thurber said...

hey, you little turd. That's not my bike. Mine is way sexier with black brake levers and a super fast front wheel. And a third chainring. And that's not your Cervelo either. Quit using pictures you find online.