Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Crater Lake Part 2

...we continue our saga of the 50th Anniversary trip to Crater Lake on Saturday, August 9th.

Several members of the Caldwell clan woke up bright and early. Was it because they are crazy? Partly. And they had 6.7 miles to run/walk. This is an organized event: The Crater Lake Rim Run. Participants may run 6.7, 13, or 26.2 (marathon) miles, or walk 6.7 miles.

All five Caldwell family members that participated received a medal for finishing in the top three in their age group for their respective events. Congratulations!

Later Saturday, after some wonderful family photographs by Joe Ramos from Beyond Images Photography, we all went to dinner together at the lodge. The lodge does a fantastic job of utilizing local and natural ingredients. All of the dinners we tasted were very tasty.
After dinner we were treated to celebratory cake, one carrot and one chocolate. Yum!

Cakes made by Shanon Rodrigues.

The long and happily married couple share a smooch before cake.

Before departing the next morning, we all gathered once more for another hike. This time down to the lake.
There is only one way to get down to the actual lake. Cleetwood Cove is a steep (11% grade) and dusty 2.2 mile (round trip) hike.
The trip is WELL worth it. The views from the bottom are fantastic, and the opportunity to swim in a lake with some of the cleanest and clearest water in the world is not one to be missed!

Just don't forget to pack down a bag of Kettle Chips. You'll be chilly after jumping into that icy water!

What a fantastic way to end such a fun weekend!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Crater Lake Part 1

Last weekend was Travis and Verelle made their way to Crater Lake for the celebration of Travis' grandparent's  50th Anniversary. This was truly an epic trip thanks to Travis' father, Bob, for planning the trip, and Kettle Foods, for very generously providing sufficient supplies of Kettle Chips! 
The weekend started out beautifully on thursday with a hike on Annie's Creek Trail, just inside the south entrance of Crater Lake Park. The trail has a steep descent to the creek, then follows the creek, allowing for spectacular views of wildflowers and tumbling brooks. The entire trail is an easy 1.7 miles, round trip.

The Caldwells are a competitive bunch. Here they are competing in the cold foot contest! 

Next on the itinerary was a picnic in Goodbye Campground. We munched on Kettle Chips and finger foods. Here is the happy couple posed with their favorite flavors. 

With a little exercise in our legs and food in our belly, we were more than ready for a little rest. We stayed at the lodge at Crater Lake, which is perched right on the rim of the lake, and is spectacular both inside and out. 

Thanks to Kara Caldwell for this photo!

Early the next morning the whole crew gathered for a hike to Garfield Peak. The trail begins at the lodge and finishes at a crest that overlooks the lake. Round-trip, this trail is 3 miles and a moderate climb.

The views from the top are spectacular. Just don't forget to bring some Kettle Chips to snack on at the top. 

After finishing the hike on Friday, we had plenty of time to unwind and enjoy lake, lodge, and all that surrounds it. Travis rode from the lodge to the north entrance of the park.  Verelle enjoyed the views and played an eventful game of Cranium with other Caldwell's.

To be continued...

Monday, August 11, 2008

Bend, Greg & Heidi's Wedding, and Cascade Classic Bike Race

Since Travis and Verelle had taken Scarlet out for her birthday instead of celebrating their anniversary, they now had to decide what to do to celebrate the fact that their marriage had lasted a whole year. Wow! 

Idea's were not lacking, but the decision was made to celebrate the successful first year in Bend. The decision was made because Verelle was photographing the wedding of Greg and Heidi Wacker. And Travis and Verelle believe that you CAN mix business with pleasure. The Mill Inn Bed and Breakfast was booked and the fun was to begin. 

Travis later found out that Levi Leipheimer was going to be racing in the Cascade Classic Bike race, scheduled to take place while the happy couple were in Bend. The anniversary trip would be spent much the same way that the honeymoon was (i.e. Travis worrying about men in lycra shorts and Verelle reading!). Despite this fact the weekend was not a loss. 
The wedding was a blast with the Moon Mountain Ramblers, a bluegrass/folk band, playing into the wee hours of the night.

Travis managed to take Verelle out to a nice restaurant every night, do some shopping with her, and even enjoy a nightcap bag of Kettle Chips next to Mirror Pond in downtown Bend. 
And, Verelle managed to allow Travis to watch some bike racing. 

Bend is one of the many gems of Oregon. It is abundant with hiking, biking, paddling, and skiing opportunities. Bend is also home to Deschutes Brewery, Bend Brewing Company, McMenamins, Silver Moon Brewing Company, and Cascade Lakes Brewing Company, all of which brew up a mighty fine drink. Most of them even have restaurants to accompany them, with local fare. For beer outdoor enthusiasts, beer lovers, and even foodies, this town is heaven!

Happy Anniversary!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Scarlet't Birthday! oh yeah, and Travis & Verelle's 1 year anniversary

So, last year Travis and Verelle got married. The date that they had picked happened to be Scarlet's Birthday. Scarlet very politely put the wedding ahead of her birthday and did not celebrate it. Team Kettle has felt very indebted to Scarlet for her roll in the wedding and have been very great full to her for sacrificing for the team. 

Therefore, the decision was made to delay celebrating the anniversary of the wedding and to make Scarlet's birthday the concentration of the day. Travis and Verelle started the day by taking Scarlet to Water Works Park in Redding California. 

After Water Works Park the crew went and ate at the In & Out Burger joint and made the drive back to Ashland where they went out to Thai Pepper for dinner with Travis's work crew. After the very tasty dinner the threesome, and a few new recruits continued the fun at Standing Stone. With the night progression being fairly typical the group then ended up at the Hong Kong for Mojito's! The group and severally shrank, but the enthusiasm had not. But, all good things must come to and end, and eventually the group had to split up and go to their respective homes. Despite the evening being complete a good time had been had by all and all had a good time!

Happy Birthday Scarlet! Oh yeah, and happy anniversary Travis & Verelle.