Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Crater Lake Part 2

...we continue our saga of the 50th Anniversary trip to Crater Lake on Saturday, August 9th.

Several members of the Caldwell clan woke up bright and early. Was it because they are crazy? Partly. And they had 6.7 miles to run/walk. This is an organized event: The Crater Lake Rim Run. Participants may run 6.7, 13, or 26.2 (marathon) miles, or walk 6.7 miles.

All five Caldwell family members that participated received a medal for finishing in the top three in their age group for their respective events. Congratulations!

Later Saturday, after some wonderful family photographs by Joe Ramos from Beyond Images Photography, we all went to dinner together at the lodge. The lodge does a fantastic job of utilizing local and natural ingredients. All of the dinners we tasted were very tasty.
After dinner we were treated to celebratory cake, one carrot and one chocolate. Yum!

Cakes made by Shanon Rodrigues.

The long and happily married couple share a smooch before cake.

Before departing the next morning, we all gathered once more for another hike. This time down to the lake.
There is only one way to get down to the actual lake. Cleetwood Cove is a steep (11% grade) and dusty 2.2 mile (round trip) hike.
The trip is WELL worth it. The views from the bottom are fantastic, and the opportunity to swim in a lake with some of the cleanest and clearest water in the world is not one to be missed!

Just don't forget to pack down a bag of Kettle Chips. You'll be chilly after jumping into that icy water!

What a fantastic way to end such a fun weekend!

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