Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Team Kettle Gets Recognized

We're a shy bunch here on Garfield Street in Ashland and have been too timid to tell the folks at Kettle how we feel.  I guess we were worried they wouldn't reciprocate our love.  That was all proven wrong when we received an e-mail the other day from Kettle Foods Brand Ambassador Jim Green saying Kettle Foods loves Team Kettle!

Evidently, Kettle Foods discovered us with a little aid from our friend Wes Barnhart, and as a token of their love, sent us a few bags of assorted chip flavors.  As a token of ours, we're eating them, raving about all of their great flavors, and continuing to be their biggest fans.

Here at Team Kettle, we'd like to thank Jim and the rest of Kettle Foods for their recognition and making wholesome, delicious snacks, and Wes for spreading the word.