Saturday, November 10, 2007

Halloween in Ashland

Halloween in Ashland is an important event every year. The festivities bring in people from near and far, and it is an extraordinary experience.

The festivities begin with a parade through downtown Ashland. Children watch the parade of incredibly costumed people, then trick-or-treat at the stores.

As the evening closes in, the older (and what I mean by older is a more college-aged crowd) begins to overtake the plaza. It is a crowd large enough to close down the entire plaza. It is really just a big public party filled with drunk adults dressed in elaborate costumes. Of course the bars around town are happening as well. Most charge a $5-10 cover fee to get inside and warm up with a drink or two.

Travis "Cheddar Beer" and Verelle "Tuscan Three Cheese" began their Halloween festivities at their home with Buffalo Bleu Kettle Chips (we think there should be a pumpkin flavor!), pumpkin flavored beer, and a photo shoot. Travis dressed as a hot air balloon. Verelle dressed as a disgruntled housewife.
Click on the photo to see it larger.

Even the cat got dressed up.
Then they headed with their posse downtown. Photos of this would be posted, but unfortunately their camera was stolen. Boo!

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