Saturday, November 10, 2007

A Wedding: Team Kettle Style

On June 30th of this year, Travis "Cheddar Beer" Caldwell was married to Verelle "Tuscan Three Cheese" Stuck by their pastor Dan "Buffalo Bleu" Thurber. The wedding took place at Red Ridge Farms, an herb farm, in the beautiful Willamette Valley. It is located in the heart of wine country, not far from Verelle's hometown of Carlton. The farm is gorgeous, abundant with lavender fields, vineyard views and even complete with an elegant guest room for the newlyweds to stay in on their wedding night.
It was a beautiful ceremony. Dan was ordained online just for the occasion, and he did a wonderful job. Of course Kettle Chips and plenty of Talledega Nights movie jokes were mentioned. Surrounded by less than fifty of Travis and Verelle's close family and friends, it was a very intimate.
The reception that followed included lots of champagne and wonderful organic food provided by Whole Foods catering service.
There was a dance lesson given by a couple of excellent dance instructors from Arthur Murray Dance Studio to the wedding party and all of the guests. They taught east coast swing and the box step. It was a hit, and by the end of the lesson, everybody was gettin' down.

Of course, the night had to include a marriage certificate signing/Kettle Chips photo shoot! By this time we had all consumed a sufficient amount of champagne and were having a great time!
To top off the night, the wedding party watched fireworks from the St. Paul Rodeo that was taking place a few miles away amidst the glowing full moon. Truly, it was a perfect evening!

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Anonymous said...

Wow..little did I know the shy kids that I share the yard with are newlyweds! :) congrats..see you in the garden! Shelly