Sunday, August 17, 2008

Crater Lake Part 1

Last weekend was Travis and Verelle made their way to Crater Lake for the celebration of Travis' grandparent's  50th Anniversary. This was truly an epic trip thanks to Travis' father, Bob, for planning the trip, and Kettle Foods, for very generously providing sufficient supplies of Kettle Chips! 
The weekend started out beautifully on thursday with a hike on Annie's Creek Trail, just inside the south entrance of Crater Lake Park. The trail has a steep descent to the creek, then follows the creek, allowing for spectacular views of wildflowers and tumbling brooks. The entire trail is an easy 1.7 miles, round trip.

The Caldwells are a competitive bunch. Here they are competing in the cold foot contest! 

Next on the itinerary was a picnic in Goodbye Campground. We munched on Kettle Chips and finger foods. Here is the happy couple posed with their favorite flavors. 

With a little exercise in our legs and food in our belly, we were more than ready for a little rest. We stayed at the lodge at Crater Lake, which is perched right on the rim of the lake, and is spectacular both inside and out. 

Thanks to Kara Caldwell for this photo!

Early the next morning the whole crew gathered for a hike to Garfield Peak. The trail begins at the lodge and finishes at a crest that overlooks the lake. Round-trip, this trail is 3 miles and a moderate climb.

The views from the top are spectacular. Just don't forget to bring some Kettle Chips to snack on at the top. 

After finishing the hike on Friday, we had plenty of time to unwind and enjoy lake, lodge, and all that surrounds it. Travis rode from the lodge to the north entrance of the park.  Verelle enjoyed the views and played an eventful game of Cranium with other Caldwell's.

To be continued...

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