Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Idaho rivers update

The season at OARS-Dories in Idaho is starting to wind down. Major forest fires in the Frank Church Wilderness Area have forced closures of over 200 miles of river we regularly run trips on. We've been limited to the Lower Salmon and Hell's Canyon for rafting and dory vacations.

With the late start I got to this season, I only get to do a total of 6 trips. The first was a Hell's Canyon for five days, followed by three consecutive trips down the Lower Salmon. In a couple days I head out on the Lower once again.

Trips on the Lower and Hell's Canyon are generally low-maintenance and stress-free. My most eventful and exciting trip was a 7-day kayak school, the third trip of my season. Two bond traders from Chicago, a health care policy worker from DC and a documentary producer from Manhattan came out to Idaho to explore the world of whitewater kayaking. Along with my friend Zak Sears, I had the privelage of coaching them for a week.

Unfortunately, on the third day Zak discolated his shoulder in a relatively calm section of water. He was throwing some massive flatwater loops (read frontflips in a kayak) when it happened. He swam himself to shore and was able to reduce it himself while in the water. Later that night, we evacuated him before we got too deep into the wilderness.

Short one crew member, we had a little extra work on our hands with setting up camp and cooking all our meals. Fortunately, everyone on the trip (guests included) really stepped up and got it done so we could still have a great time out there. The youthful energy everyone brought with them was great, and the combination of liquor, mixers, ice, and a hand-crank blender for frozen cocktails helped group morale undeniably. Here are a few pictures from the kayak school trip before the rest of them come out.

sorry, pictures coming soon.....

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Hey... Potatoes are grown in Idaho... What about Kettle Chips? WTF!!?? :^)