Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Canada in Seattle?

Teamkettle has been nervous lately about the current state of things within the government. One particular concern has been over the presidential elections that is currently going on. So, we decided to set up a back up plan just in case McCain wins the election. Travis is a first generation descendant of a Canadian citizen, therefore he is eligible for Canadian citizenship. However, in order to gain his citizenship there was a lot of paperwork and applications to be completed, and in order to get everything completed he and his brother made a trip to Seattle.

Why Seattle? Because Seattle is the nearest location with a Canadian Consulate. Since they were going to one of the premier cities in the Pacific Northwest they had to stay true to form and do some playing. 

The first activity on the docket was America's past time. A baseball game between the Seattle Mariners and the Oakland Athletics. The discovery of how expensive a pint is at a baseball game was quickly discovered, but that didn't slow down the fun. After a few pints and a basket of fish-n-chips (complimentary from the extremely intelligent staff at the concessions stand) the game was under way, and at the end of the nine innings the Mariners were victorious and Travis and Brad were ready for their next portion of adventure.

Next on the agenda was going to the Pike Street Market. Pike Street is famous for it's fish markets along with an array of other fresh produce, flowers and hand made products. Pike Street Market is a must see place if you are going to Seattle. Remember to watch out for flying fish.

With the buzz from the game wearing off and with hunger setting in Travis and Brad had to find a place to eat and grab another classic pacific northwest pint of beer. The Pike Brewing Company it was!
The Pike Brewing Company has some of the friendliest staff around, and that doesn't even begin to compare to how good their beers are. There was no bar hopping to be done because Travis and Brad could not imagine any place being more fun or having better beer. Knowing that the next day was going to consist of paperwork and playing the waiting game at the consulate the boys made sure to play it up.
The next day feeling a little bit tired from the fun the night before they set out to make their Canadian Citizenship official. Thanks to help from the Constable their paperwork along with baby nephew Jonah's paperwork was complete and submitted. Knowing that they would be receiving their citizenship card in about nine months made both of them, along with the rest of Teamkettle, very happy! 

Hopefully they can still get enough Kettle Foods products to satisfy them if they have to make the great migration north!

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