Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Bavarian Night!

You all voted on where Dan would sleep on Bavarian. The majority of you voted on Dan sleeping in Jail, but he out foxed you again. Dan did sleep in a tent, with two other, not so stranger, people from the Mt. A ski school. Zana brought so many blankets she could have survived a night on Everest, and Colin well Colin made it into the tent mostly. Colin decided it would be best for him to sleep half-way in the tent and with his goggles on. Good decision Colin.

The two main highlights of Bavarian night are the Torch Light Parade (drunk skiers and riders are entrusted with roadside flares that have ski-poles attached to them) and the fireworks that proceed it. Mount A Ski School Director Robert directed the parade this year, and while it was not as organized as it has been in the past it still wound its way majestically down the mountain. The fireworks went off in a big bang. The fireworks almost didn't happen this year due to the high wends experienced earlier in the day.

After the "official" festivities were over the majority of the participants still hanging out went to the back side of the mountain where a bomfire lite up the nights ski. The party went deep into the night and the hangovers went through the next day.

Well see you again next year Bavarian night!

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Dan Thurber said...

good blogging travis! I'm very proud of your hard work